Tighten Loose Skin with Ultherapy

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August 13, 2017

Tightening the skin on the face is best achieved by improving the condition of the subdermal supportive tissues. Mature adults begin to notice sagging due not only to fat deposits, but also the lack of supportive tissue beneath the skin. The skin also tends to sag because of the loss of collagen and elastin. Common tightening techniques include surgery and radiofrequency or laser therapy, but the newest advancement in the industry is Ultherapy®.

Ultherapy®, also referred to as Ulthera, is so-named because it uses ultrasound energy to stimulate tissue growth and collagen production. It’s the same energy that is used in ultrasound imaging. The sound energy is at a frequency that passes through less dense tissue and is absorbed or reflected back by denser tissues. This is what gives us such clear pictures when ultrasounds are performed. Ultherapy® uses the same energy delivery principle to kickstart a skin and subdermal rejuvenation process.

How Does Ultherapy® Work?

Ultherapy® is performed using a handheld device. The ultrasound energy is delivered directly from the instrument through the skin surface. When the device is placed on the skin, the sound energy passes right through the skin without damaging it.

The energy is absorbed deeper down, mostly in the layers where skin production takes place. At these lower levels, the body is constantly producing new skin cells that slowly move upward as the older epidermal layer is slowly shed. This is also the region where collagen production takes place.

When these tissues absorb the sound energy, it stimulates a response from the body. It’s as if a slight injury has occurred, and the tissue production accelerates. Actually, there isn’t any injury, but the sound energy, converted into motion and heat energy, triggers this type of response.

Collagen production also increases, and this will eventually affect the upper dermal layers in a most positive way. The total effect of Ultherapy® is slow but steady, with most individuals achieving the desired result in the months following the treatment.

Advantages of Ultherapy®

No surgery is involved, no fat removal via liposuction is required and no plumping dermal fillers need to be injected. Unlike most skin rejuvenation techniques that only address the skin condition but not the subcutaneous tissues, Ultherapy® works to tighten the skin, as well as improve its tone and texture.

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Many people, perhaps yourself included, are not familiar with Ultherapy®. But it’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular skin tightening treatments, and it may be perfect for you! Make an appointment at Torrey Pines Dermatology & Laser Center to learn more about this incredible treatment. Our office is located in La Jolla, and we proudly serve clients in the San Diego and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for Ultherapy®!

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