Red Vessels of the Face and Legs

The VBeam® is a pulsed dye laser, which means that the laser energy is delivered in pulses and a dye is used to generate laser beams of different colors. Since the VBeam® is used to treat dilated blood vessels, as in rosacea, it is often called a vascular laser.

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Vein Removal Before & After

Vein Removal  Before and After Photo by Torrey Pines Dermatology in La Jolla, CaliforniaVein Removal  Before and After Photo by Torrey Pines Dermatology in La Jolla, California


What Can VBeam Treat?

Treatment with the VBeam laser can address a number of vascular lesions including:

  • Rosacea
  • Angiomas
  • Port wine stains
  • Spider veins

Patients can also choose VBeam laser treatment to remove scars, stretch marks, and warts.

What Is VBeam?

The VBeam is a pulsed-dye laser that precisely targets visible red vessels on the face. This treatment is a popular option for those who want to reduce the signs of rosacea.

What Can I Expect from VBeam?
VBeam is one of the gentlest laser treatments available. The laser comes with a cooling mist that ensures the patient’s comfort throughout the entirety of the treatment. Depending on the skin concerns you would like to address, you may need up to five treatment sessions to achieve the best results.
Are There Any Side Effects?

Much like IPL photofacials, potential side effects from VBeam such as redness, swelling, or bruising are mild and will only last for a few days.


Many patients who wish to minimize the appearance of unsightly, easy-to-notice spider veins look to sclerotherapy as a safe, effective treatment option. Each sclerotherapy treatment session consists of injecting a specially formulated fluid solution directly into the targeted veins, causing the veins to harden and gradually fade.

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