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Red Vessels of the Face and Legs

The VBeam® is a proprietary device that uses a pulsed dye laser, which means that the laser energy is delivered in pulses, and a dye is used to generate laser beams of different colors. Since the VBeam® is used to treat dilated blood vessels and capillaries, as in rosacea or spider veins, it is often called a vascular laser. The team at Torrey Pines Dermatology & Laser Center are known for providing outstanding results with VBeam® in La Jolla.

The Science Behind VBeam®

The pulsed-dye laser technology of VBeam® precisely targets treatment areas with laser energy while avoiding damaging the surrounding healthy skin. The laser energy heats and destroys the targeted blood vessels, which are then naturally processed by the body. As a result of this treatment, clear skin is restored.

Ideal Candidates for VBeam®

The ideal candidate has naturally fair to medium-tone skin without recent UVA exposure from the sun or tanning booths. Patients unhappy with the pronounced appearance of vascular lesions, prominent veins, and various other skin lesions on the face and legs can achieve highly effective results with VBeam® laser treatments.

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Vein Removal Before & After

Vein Removal  Before and After Photo by Torrey Pines Dermatology in La Jolla, CaliforniaVein Removal  Before and After Photo by Torrey Pines Dermatology in La Jolla, California


What Can VBeam® Treat?

Treatment with the VBeam® laser can address a number of vascular lesions, including:

  • Rosacea – A common skin condition characterized by redness, inflammation, sensitivity, thick skin patches, and pus-filled bumps.
  • Cherry Angiomas – Small red benign growths made of malformed blood vessels at the skin’s surface. They are most common in patients over 30 and bleed if picked at or scratched.
  • Port Wine Stains – Present at birth, these lesions turn darker and increase in size but retain their original proportions as the years go by. They are permanent unless treated.
  • Spider Veins – These small dilated blood vessels are visible through the skin. They have tiny capillary veins branching out and appear red or blue.

Patients can also choose VBeam® laser treatment to treat other skin conditions:

  • Warts – Skin lesions with a raised texture. They are initially caused by a viral infection and are sustained by underlying blood vessels.
  • Scars – Skin anomalies that result from trauma or illness. Scars are characterized by a hardened texture, may be flat or raised, and may be pigmented.
What Is VBeam®?

The VBeam® is a pulsed-dye laser that precisely targets visible red vessels on the face. This treatment is a popular option for those who want to reduce the signs of rosacea.

What Can I Expect from VBeam®?
VBeam® is one of the gentlest laser treatments available. The laser comes with a cooling mist that ensures the patient’s comfort throughout the entirety of the treatment, and protective eye goggles are worn. Depending on the skin concerns you would like to address, you may need up to five treatment sessions to achieve the best results.
Are There Any Side Effects?

No recovery time is required after a VBeam® treatment; much like IPL photofacials, potential side effects from VBeam®, such as redness, swelling, or bruising, are mild and will only last for a few days. Keeping your head elevated with extra pillows will help reduce swelling after this facial treatment.

Follow our provided skincare instructions, and avoid hot showers and strenuous exercise for a couple of days. Sun exposure should be strictly avoided to prevent dark pigmentation from appearing in treatment areas. Daily use of an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen should continue for a month following a VBeam® treatment.

How Much Does VBeam® Cost?

The cost of VBeam® varies, as each patient’s specific case details determine the total price. The customized plan created during the consultation will include cost information.

Are Any Alternative Treatments Available?

Many patients who wish to minimize the appearance of unsightly, easy-to-notice spider veins look to sclerotherapy as a safe, effective treatment option. Each sclerotherapy treatment session consists of injecting a specially formulated fluid solution directly into the targeted veins, causing the veins to harden and gradually fade.

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