Throw Away Your Razor with Laser Hair Removal

Female model in white undies with smooth hairless legs

November 21, 2016

Laser hair removal is a great treatment for individuals who are tired of constantly shaving, plucking, threading and waxing in hopes of smoother, hair-free skin. Finally, there is a technique that allows for permanent hair reduction. Before you decide whether laser hair removal is right for you, let us answer some common questions.

The first thing that you may be wondering is why laser hair removal is the treatment of choice for many individuals. The answer to that question can be seen in the results that a person gets. After approximately 6 treatments spaced a month apart, patients are able to get approximately 90% hair reduction. Some individuals even experience 100% reduction. When a person uses traditional hair removal methods, like shaving with razors or plucking with tweezers, they may see hair grow back again that same day. This is absolutely not the case with laser hair removal.

Something interesting to consider when looking at laser hair removal versus traditional hair removal methods is that some of the traditional hair removal methods may actually stimulate hair growth. This is extremely unfortunate because an individual who is using these traditional methods wants this hair to be gone. They do not want it to return even darker, longer and stronger. In contrast, when a person uses laser hair removal, if some hairs do grow back, they are sparser and finer, if not gone all together.

One of the main things that our patients ask about is how the laser actually gets rid of hair. The first thing to know is that this is not a hair cutting method. It also does not pluck the hair. Instead, it kills the hair follicle. The laser used in hair removal targets the pigment in the hair follicle and after several treatments, permanently kills off the hair itself so it is unable to regrow. That being said, if hair is blonde, white or gray, the laser cannot “see” the pigment in the hair follicle and, therefore, laser hair removal only treats dark brown or black hair.

Many of our patients are interested in treating areas such as their legs, bikini area, underarms and upper lip. The great thing about laser hair removal is that it can work on dark hair on almost any part of the body.

The best way for you to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure is to schedule a consultation at Torrey Pines Dermatology & Laser Center in La Jolla. Our team is going to give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from laser hair removal. We will also answer any other questions you may have. Our office happily serves the San Diego and surrounding cities. Contact us today to book an appointment to learn more.

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