Glytone Trio for Hair Loss

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April 26, 2017

Hair loss can affect both men and women and is a problem that can be treated by your dermatologist. In chronic hair loss, each life cycle of the hair gets shorter and shorter. At the end of the life cycle, the diameter and length of the hair declines. At the final stage of the cycle, the hair follicle loses its growth capacity and eventually falls out. A great option for treating hair loss is the Glytone Trio by Ducray. This system includes a shampoo, spray lotion, and dietary supplements. This system helps to get the hair follicle back into a normal growth cycle and prevents it from diminishing and dying.

Products Included in the Trio

Anaphase is the vitamin enriched cream shampoo in the trio. It gently cleanses fine or weak hair while also strengthening it with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair. Regular use can restore hair’s volume, strength, and shine over time.

The hair lotion spray, Neoptide, is a proprietary blend of vitamin B3, amino acids, and botanicals that nourish thinning hair. The ingredients in the lotion provide nutrition directly to the hair bulb while also stimulating the hair, which reduces the appearance of hair loss and boosts hair mass. The texture is very light, which allows for daily use without making the hair look or feel greasy.

Anacaps, the dietary supplement in the trio, is a capsule that nourishes and strengthens hair and nails. When taken as directed, the hair bulb and nail matrix will be provided with essential nutrients and antioxidants to restore and reenergize the hair and nails.

When used together, all three products deliver maximum nutrients to the hair to stimulate new hair growth and prevent further hair loss. After three months of consistent use, you should start to notice a significant difference in your hair.

Learn More During a Consultation

We sell the Glytone Trio here in our office in La Jolla and are offering 25% off the trio for the months of April and May 2017. We are proud to serve patients in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Please give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help with your hair loss!

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