April/May Special – 15% Off V-Beam Treatments

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April 24, 2017

What is V-Beam?

V-Beam is a pulse dye laser that targets the hemoglobin within blood vessels. The laser heats up the hemoglobin and, because it is within the vessels, they heat up and disappear as the body metabolizes them out of its system. The V-Beam laser is used to treat redness under the skin that can include rosacea, veins, scars, angiomas, stretch marks, and red birthmarks. It is the only laser of ours that does not require topical numbing cream and there is no downtime. It can be used to spot treat areas of concern, or in cases such as rosacea, it can be used to treat the whole face.

What’s the Downtime Like?

There is no downtime after receiving a V-Beam treatment. You may experience some redness, but that will dissipate within a few hours after your appointment. We recommend a series of three to five treatments spaced a month apart in order to achieve maximum results. Maintenance is then one treatment every six months as needed.

Am I a Good Candidate for V-Beam?

We recommend coming in for a free consultation to have one of our providers take a look at your concerns and discuss the best treatment options for your individual needs. V-Beam is an excellent treatment for most patients concerned about any redness on the skin. Through the months of April and May 2017, we are offering 15% off all V-Beam treatments so you can get ready for summer with a beautiful, clear complexion! Please contact our office to schedule your free consultation and receive more information about how V-Beam can work for you!

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