Pain-Free Procedures – PRONOX in La Jolla, CA

Pain Free Procedures – PRONOX

What is Pronox?

Pronox is an advanced system that is fueled by gas to deliver a mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide to adult patients. It is designed for in-office use in a medical setting in order to provide pain and anxiety relief to patients.

Pronox Machine

How Does Pronox Work?

For standard use during medical procedures, a face mask is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth region where gas is delivered through a tube that is attached to the specialized machine. Once Inhaled, the gas begins to take effect within seconds. The patient can then feel more relaxed and comfortable for the duration of their treatment.

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Zimmer Cool Air

Zimmer is used by many practitioners to numb the patient’s skin to minimize pain and thermal injury from cosmetic procedures. Zimmer increases patient comfort and provides complete control over the level of cooling. For more information on pain free procedures, please call our office at 858-362-8800 to speak to a staff member.

Lidocaine/Tetracaine: Topical Ointment

RX Lidocaine –Tetracaine 23/7% Ointment is a topical anesthesia that numbs the surface of the body part that is going to be treated. Procedures such as Botox or Dermal Fillers are painless when applied one hour prior.

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