Start the New Year off Right with Laser Hair Removal

Woman in short denim shorts with smooth hairless legs

January 11, 2017

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do something about unwanted body hair. Waxing, tweezing, and shaving are extremely time consuming and only last for a short period. Laser hair removal on the other hand is quick, painless and permanently reduces unwanted hair growth. Now is the time to treat yourself and experience smooth skin without all the irritation and annoyance that comes with other forms of hair removal.

The great thing about laser hair removal is that the treatment doesn’t cause the same irritation that is experienced with other forms of hair removal. You won’t be left with in grown hairs, unsightly red bumps, razor burn, or rashes. And you won’t have to experience it all a few days later when you have to shave again.

When you come in for a treatment at our office in La Jolla, you will arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to have topical numbing cream applied to the area being treated to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The treatment itself is very quick, and depending on the area can take as little as twenty minutes. We recommend a series of six treatments spaced four to six weeks apart to achieve the best results. The hairs only respond when they are in the “growth” phase (versus their resting phase) and since they are constantly cycling through their different states, successive treatments ensures all of the unwanted hair will eventually be treated effectively. Winter is the perfect time to start your treatment so that by the time summer rolls around you are ready to hit the beach and don’t have to worry about shaving or waxing beforehand.

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost every area of the body but is most common on the legs, bikini, underarms, lip, chest, and back. We are excited to help you start the New Year off right and make 2017 the year you finally get rid of all your unwanted hair for good! Our providers at Torrey Pines Dermatology & Laser Center in La Jolla would be happy to show you what kind of results you can expect from treatment and set up a personalized treatment plan for you. Our office proudly serves the San Diego and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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